If you are a beauty brand or retailer,  you need to know Lisa Marie Ringus.  As the Global VP of Business Development for 24 Seven, she has become an invaluable partner to many of the most respected brands in the beauty  industry.  With a team of 250+ connected, industry-specific recruiters, 500,000+ candidate profiles captured and vetted in their database and 10 locations in the U.S. 24 Seven is your go to for new product launch support, retail activations and pop-ups.   From recruiting, to program management to payroll, they have you covered and will help you achieve the highest ROI.    

If you are in need of staffing, contact Lisa at:  lringus@24seventalent.com 


41 Madison Avenue
37th Floor
New York, NY 10010
NY Office:  212-966-4426

If you are a candidates looking for an position, you can contact Sophia at: salfaro@24seventalent.com